How to Track App Downloads and Revenue

How to Track App Downloads and Revenue of Your Android App?

You spend enough time, money, and effort on developing an application, and you expect it to pay rich dividends. There are questions, of course, lots of them.

  • How do you gauge the app’s success?
  • More importantly, what techniques do you implement for market research?
  • How do you compare your app download counts to that of a competitor?
  • Better still, how do you compare the numbers to industry standards?

The answer – tracking app downloads like Sherlock, or even better.

I’m Interested. Tell Me More – The Basics

For lasting success, you have to know the best channels to promote your Android apps on (Google Play is NOT the only channel). Don’t think that releasing your app on the Google Play Store is enough.

Keep an eye out for certain metrics that determine the performance of your app marketing campaigns. These include, but are not limited to, ranks, reviews, downloads, and of, course, revenue.

Worried? Don’t Be!

Think all this is overwhelming for a newbie developer? You got that right! Things get trickier once analytics comes into play. Ensure you have sufficient information available at your disposal to track search queries for your app listing, track referrer information, and track the number of impressions on the app store listing versus actual downloads.

To remove the guesswork from your Android app marketing campaigns, you have to establish ways to track organic and paid app downloads. Thankfully, there are tools for tracking these things.

The bigger, dilemma, however, is knowing which one works best for you. Check out our curated list of the best tracking tools for monitoring your Android app downloads and maximize your revenue.

9 Best Tools to Track App Downloads and Revenue

Check out our curated list of the best tracking tools for monitoring your Android app’s download and revenue:


Shell out $4.99 a month and you end up with an amazing intelligence platform that connects developers directly with in-app analytics, stores, and ad networks. Access all essential metrics from a single dashboard.

Look up important statistics, like in-app performance, sales and downloads, ranks and reviews, and monetization. If that’s not all, you have some nice reports thrown into the mix.

Get this app if you want to:

  • Benchmark your ad networks
  • View updated rank history for your app (plus your competitor’s) every hour
  • Filter metrics by country, store, and app
  • Overlay usage and sales in one report
  • Customize charts and reports so they make the most sense
  • Get new sales reports and reviews to Slack and via email in real-time
  • Connect programmatically through a developer API
  • Use a public URL to share reviews from all over in your preferred language

Use the Ranks feature of this tool to find charts with hourly rankings for any app you choose on the basis of country. Make use of this during launch day or while performing marketing experiments to analyze the impact immediately. No more waiting in the wings to track your app rank manually!

Go through reviews submitted by global users about your Android app. Interact with account data and reports with the developer API. Maneuver this tool from the get-go as it’s quite user-friendly. Enjoy the sense of security that comes from Appfigures’ stringent privacy policy measures.

Pro Tip: Avoid the freemium version of this tool if you’re interested in hourly rank tracking and email recaps.

Mobile Action

Access various efficient tools by downloading Mobile Action. Link your Google Play account to the app and view revenue and download data for your program on the dashboard. Enjoy regular email reports about your app and seamlessly integrate third-party analytics options. Get more work done on a limited budget with the help of Mobile Action.

Thanks to this tool, you can now:

  • Discover more keywords to improve the app download count
  • Get customized suggestions and strategies for your Android app through Recommended Actions
  • Track your application along with competing apps
  • Find out download estimates to understand what it takes to secure the top rankings

Pro Tip: Avoid notifications requesting you to upgrade the tool to the paid version and use free features for ASO and tracking activities. The UI might not be much to look at but it gets the job done.

Sensor Tower

Heard of Sensor Tower, right? It’s one of the most efficient ASO platforms out there. However, most are unaware of their ad intelligence and Store intelligence products that work great as well. View your revenue and download information by linking your Google Play account to the Sensor Tower account.

Look forward to exciting features like:

  • Avail accurate estimates regarding your application to take strategic decisions
  • Update your strategies based on the tracking results of your competitor’s growth
  • Improve organic growth through optimization
  • Turn on custom alerts for when your competitor makes some strategic move or soft-launches a product
  • Get instant leaderboard rankings for the best mobile advertisers every week

Increase your productivity with the well-designed and easy to use of this tool.

Pro Tip: Although the freemium plan provides some features, an upgrade is necessary if you wish to harness the full potential of Sensor Tower. Also, watch out for spotty navigation between products in a few areas.

ASO Dragon

Check out ASO Dragon if you wish to experience one of the most sophisticated app store optimization tools available right now. Get free sign-up along with a free trial of 14 days. Use the features of this tool to promote your application in the app stores. Strategize your app store analytics with ASO Dragon.

Use this tool to:

  • Conduct comprehensive keyword research
  • Perform competitive analysis
  • Monitor what your competitors are up to
  • Improve the number of app installs almost instantly

Pro Tip: Get everything you need to beat the competition and harness the power of this easy to use platform to monitor your app performance.

App Annie

Download this freemium tool and get a lot more done than just market research and app idea validation. Use App Annie’s features to monitor app downloads, usage, and revenue. Also track ad campaign performance. Analyze your ad and app performance using various charts in the dashboard view.

Easily access essential information like:

  • Charts containing rank history
  • Ad monetization
  • Tables featuring daily app ranks
  • Downloads, revenue, and usage info for your specified date range
  • Evaluate localization requirements on the basis of breakdown for each country
  • Automate repetitive manual data-related tasks

Add events as per your convenience, including an app update, a promotion announcing drop in price, or a blog post reviewing your application. Use the information to track the success of your marketing efforts later on.

Pro Tip: You get lots of free features and make the most of the streamlined, user-friendly UX that sends insights and data to help you succeed in the present app economy.


Join countless publishers and developers who use Mopapp for analyzing and track the revenues generated by their respective applications from every major online store, including Google Android store, Appia, Apple, GetJar, RIM App World, etc.

Pro Tip: The tool even supports important mobile ad networks like AdMob via easily comprehensible reports and automatic data aggregatio, so use these features to speedtrack your ASO efforts.

Priori Data

View Revenue and Download estimates with Priori Data. Filter the results by country, category, and device over a particular time period. Go through more than years’ worth of historical data to find the information you’re looking for. Use the freemium version to unlock information about your own Android apps as well as three more belonging to the competition.

Benefit greatly from the simplicity of this tool and its focus on competition analysis. Easily form watchlists of your app competitors and monitor their daily performance.

While it’s not the most comprehensive tool for monitoring downloads and revenue, the developers of this tool are hard at work to implement new features, such as ASO. In the meantime, enjoy the team accessibility, the simplicity, and the pricing – especially if you have a free account.

Pro Tip: In case you’re still unaware of who you’re competing against, avail the paid plan to identify new entrances in your niche market along with the top grossing apps. Use different combinations of keywords and filters to find the information you’re looking for.


Join the ranks of the best app developers and product managers who use this online tool for analyzing and tracking user sentiment through app reviews. Avail a wide set of app store optimization tools and check out the core product that aggregates ratings and reviews. No wonder this program has slowly become a favorite among the leading app developers of the world along with numerous indie developers throughout the globe.

Experience this well-designed tool designed for app publishes that:

  • Manages application performance with a unique cockpit outlook
  • Offers advanced dashboards where team members breakdown
  • Examines possible issues that necessitate immediate resolution.

Pro Tip:  This tool also measures keyword rankings from the Google Play Store and sends them daily to users in email form, a great beenfit.


Hard to believe that such a great tool might be free to use, right? Use this program to optimize the different keywords for your Android app and track app store downloads and user reviews. Get access to various impressive features like suggestion submission.

Use this tool for:

  • Get great suggestions
  • Work with user reviews
  • Access the tool anywhere in the world
  • Constantly keep track of your app’s rankings
  • Track and optimize keywords

Pro Tip: Use this tool to check the rank of your app’s downloads in the top charts and look for your app to improve its rank.

Bonus: Whatever You Do, Focus on User Reviews

Before I sign off, I want to touch upon something important. While reading the article, you might have noticed user reviews mentioned a number of times. This is no coincidence – user reviews carry more weight than you think. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Build trust and authority of your brand through the target audience – that’s the endgame of app reviews. Also, use the information to know things like customer requirements and pain points of the company. According to The Manifest, businesses use different techniques to collect mobile app reviews, from in-app push notifications (25 percent) to websites (26 percent), app store (19 percent) to social media (21 percent).

Use the reviews and ratings received by your Android app to impact the conversion rate. Remember, the better the review, the better the conversion rate. Increase your app’s credibility and influence the purchasing behavior of users to improve your app revenue. Maintain the line of communication for better engagement on your app and subsequently, boost the user retention. The Google Play Store uses ratings as a means to determine the visibility of your application.

So, reviews are great for engaging your audience and collecting helpful feedback for your Android app. Analyze the reviews to gain insights into benchmarks, topic analysis, and ratings updates. Polish your app features based on customer feedback and also use the reviews to reply directly and individually to the users.

Wrapping Up

The revenue for Google Play increased 20.2 percent year to year to hit the $7.1 billion mark in the first quarter of 2019, up from $5.9 billion last year. If that’s not all, Google Play made up almost 74 percent of the 28.1 billion first time app installs in the first quarter.

These statistics make it clear that now’s a good time as any for indie developers to release their Android application in the Google Play Store. Take advantage of the fact that Android users totally dominate worldwide web traffic from their mobile devices.

Thus, finding a target market is easier in this specific group. Just keep an eye on the revenue and downloads of your Android App, and you can easily cash in on the Android boom.

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