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Less Known App Store Optimization Hacks You (Probably) Haven’t Used

No matter how good you design your app, you will eventually require a good amount of positive user reviews and higher app ranking. This is eerily similar to finding webpage via search engine optimization. Just like this, if you want to market your app in the right way it is important you the right strategy for it, with the right kind of approach.

This concept is called app store optimization (ASO) which too requires hacks to help the app reach a certain place in the app search engine and garner a certain target number of user downloads. App users are increasingly gaining momentum and is expected to cross over 200 billion downloads by end of 2018.

Less Known App Store Optimization Hacks 2019

In this article we will share with you some important app store optimization hacks by which you can boost downloads of your app.

1. Cut throat keywords for app description and title

More than half the apps on app store are discovered via searches. Even if you are not looking for a particular app you still have a chance of downloading it if you happen to stumble upon it. This means that even if your app has low market penetration, you can still optimize the user downloads by including important keywords in the title and description of your app thereby adding to their visibility and making them more searchable.

This is not an overnight wonder so make sure you do good amount of research on it. Once you know the essential keywords for it. See how you can add them to the app title and description. To add to this, your app too has to perform well and only then will you find better ranking of your app with the right kind of keywords.

2. A good name for your app

One of the most essential firsts to boosting your app on app store is by naming the app carefully. The name needs to be a concrete one which can hint the user at what you are trying to woo them with. A well researched and catchy app name can boost your app download exponentially. So don’t be eccentric with the name of the app and confuse the user about what your app really is! However having said that do ensure that the name is a unique one and not a rip off some other app. Even though you will have the option to extend the name to upto 255 character, it is better to keep it to about 25 characters so that it can show up clearly on the search.

3. Market research on pricing

To make a successful app does not mean you only limit to having important keywords and a good app name. You need to perform ample amount of market research to ensure you choose the best price. If you app is priced far above the competitive number, potential users will most likely give your app a miss as they would not want to spend big on a new app they are not too sure about. So it is important that you price your app at a number that is equally competitive and ideal for users.

4. Localization to target larger audience

Everyone wants their app to expand to the largest market and eventually gain global recognition. An app in iTunes is usually distributed to above 150 countries around the world, and in 40 different languages. So the key is to localise the app in such a way that it reaches out to as many foreign audience as possible. To be able to do this, you have to see how you can translate language elements of the app to the concerned local language so as to localise with the foreign audience and ease their search in connecting with the app. Whether it be Chinese, or Spanish it is very important to be able to connect to potential audience in their own language, only then can you think about going international eventually.

5. Good user interface and A/B testing

If you want to drive traffic to your app, make sure to create a good landing page and include testing code with the available A/B testing code generator such as Google Content Experiments. You can then share screenshots of it via emails, or social media to get response on which screenshot gets better response.

Apart from these it is important to also ensure that your app has good user reviews on it and that should be one of your first priority in boosting more downloads. The better reviews you get, the better will be your rating on app store and eventually this will boost your downloads in the future. Try using these hacks and make a difference yourself to take your app to the next level.

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