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How Does Our System Functions?

Our app review service is reliable, flexible, and scalable. We help you improve your organic rankings on Google Playstore in four simple steps

1.Choose plan

Submit your key requirements such as keywords, language etc.

2.Get Featured

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3. Watch Rank Soaring

Sit back and watch your overall ratings and keyword rankings improve everyday!

Flexible Pricing

Choose a plan with the reviews quantity that you want.


  • 50 Five Star Ratings
  • 100 App Downloads
  • Up to 5 Custom Keywords
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Delivery: 3 Days

    *Taxes are applicable


  • 100 Five Star Ratings
  • 200 App Downloads
  • Up to 10 Custom Keywords
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Delivery: 5 Days

    *Taxes are applicable


  • 200 Five Star Ratings
  • 500 App Downloads
  • Up to 20 Custom Keywords
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Delivery: 10 Days

    *Taxes are applicable

Build Custom Plan

  • Custom Star Ratings
  • Custom App Downloads
  • Up to 50 Custom Keywords
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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the list of frequently asked questions about out Android App Reviews services.

Does your services are compliance with Google policies?

Absolutely YES, we use only Safe techniques for the delivery of reviews as we do not involve any automated systems, bots or emulators into the process. All reviews are from different IPs, devices and individuals. We\’ve never had any cases that the client’s app or account was removed from the store due to our service.We totally follow all the rules of Android Google Play Market, ensuring that all the reviews we provide are natural.

Will I get immediate results?

You will notice the emergence of app reviews almost immediately, as soon as we start the campaign. The campaign usually starts within the next 12-24 working hours after the order is placed, in case all order details are provided fully & correctly. If we need some additional information to start the campaign, we\’ll contact you shortly to get it.During the set time the number of your reviews will start growing slowly.We can assure you that the number of reviews will be scaled up till your app gets a full number of ordered reviews.

How does this work for apps?

Google Play Market contains over 1,500,000 applications and to become visible the app needs lots of installs, great reviews and high ratings. We guarantee that each review that we provide will have an effect on the potential users. Excellent reviews and high ranking are of high importance for every app. This will help to increase the overall ranking of the application until it gets into the “Popular Apps” list.

What are your guarantees?

We guarantee that you will receive all reviews you have ordered. We assure you that the reviews you will get are 100% from real app users. If we appear unable to deliver you the reviews that you ordered, we will refund the money in accordance to the number of reviews that you have not received.

Can I provide content for reviews from my end?

Absolutely yes! If you want strict control over the quality of every individual review, you can consider sending content for each review from your end. Our users will just copy and paste these reviews on your app.

My app is paid one, can I get reviews for the same?

Unfortunately we do not work with paid apps. Our services are available only for the apps which are FREE and available GLOBALLY.

Buy App Reviews for Android Apps

Getting positive reviews from the users and growing your app organically to get more app downloads is one of the popular growth hack.

Being into mobile advertising industry for more than six years, we keep experimenting new things to acquire new users on our client’s mobile apps.

Most of the standard digital avenues are – Paid ads, CPI Affiliate offers and most importantly Organic App Downloads.

We drilled down this “Organic app downloads” further, and realized here are the factors which affect your organic rankings for any particular keyword on Playstore:

1. App tittle and Description: This is the fundamental factor for Google, to know more about what kind of app is that and what keywords are relevant for this particular app. Unless you fix your app title and description, do not start with any marketing activities. Usually, the best practice is to keep the app name in this format: Brand name + Service offered by app (for an example: FitTrack – FItness Tracker App)

2. App Install vs. Uninstall rate: Once your playstore title and description are fixed, you can begin with your marketing activities. Your app installs and uninstalls rate matters a lot when you climb initial steps on a ladder of Playstore rankings. Remember the Flappy Bird saga? An addictive game which rose till top position in “Top FREE” category in less than two days? This proves your app install rate is the vital factor in playstore rankings.

We can help you with getting your app install rate higher, and at the same time, we will control your app uninstall rate. Now, most of the people ask us, is this legitimate? What if Google detects a sudden spike in my app downloads?

3. App reviews velocity: App reviews velocity refers to the no of reviews your app is getting per day. The ideal scenario would be controlling your app reviews velocity in a way that there is a gradual spike in reviews per week. If you handle the reviews velocity this way, it will benefit you in the long term. If you get all these reviews on your app within the single day, Google will delete all those reviews. Hence you should buy app reviews only when you are sure that whole campaign is under your control from services like ours.

4. Keywords in-app reviews: This is self-explanatory. Having specific keywords in-app reviews helps Google to understand more about your app. We would recommend you to keep some variation in your main keyword while using keywords in your reviews. So make sure when you buy app reviews, all of these reviews have some specific keywords in them.

5. Backlinks to Playstore listing and Social Signals: If you know a little bit about SEO, you’ll understand what does BACKLINK stand for. That being said, backlinks from trustworthy sources will help your app rankings to grow faster. The same goes with social signals, more the no of people talk about your app on social media, better would be your app rankings, just like SEO.

Considering the importance of app reviews, we have formed a community of 1.7+ million users who test and give feedback (positive only) about any app out there. They get the incentive regarding coupons/deals for reviewing your app. Now the most important thing about this community is, they are well trained to leave positive feedback, which can contain any specific keywords in reviews and also we can ask users to keep your app on their phones for X amount of time.

Hope this explains how exactly our system works and gives you enough confidence to place your first order for Android app reviews. Do let us know if you have any questions about our app reviews service. You can reach out to us on [email protected] and we will help you out right away.

Finally found a legitimate service to boost my andorid app reviews. Would recommend it to all of the developers out there for sure. App Store Optmization Services
4.7 / 5